The function of curved double melting Pipe fittings and its difference from other Pipe fittings

Curved elastic double melt pipe fittings are connected by hot melt socket, as long as the special connection pipe skin is peeled off, heated with heating tools, fusion can be done, this kind of pipe fitting is a special pipe fitting of curved elastic vector pipeline system, and this kind of pipe system as a whole is light pipe body steel support. The pressure bearing capacity is as high as PN2.5MPa, which can fully adapt to the challenges of various positions of various buildings. It is the core component to ensure the maintenance-free application of curved elastic vector aluminum alloy lined composite pipeline system.

In the curved elastic vector cold and hot water supply pipeline system:

  1. Improve installation efficiency and control installation quality
    This kind of pipe fitting surface is equipped with hot melt bearing measure positioning mark, when the pipe system installs the pipe and the pipe fitting connection, only needs to refer to the curved elastic double melt pipe fitting surface hot melt socket positioning mark, can mark on the pipeline surface “fusion connection depth fixed”
    Bit Line and socket depth Positioning Line do not need to view the socket depth data and use the ruler tool. The improved installation method of this setting can effectively control the occurrence of fusion quality accidents caused by excessive or insufficient insertion, and make the installation effective.
    The rate has been greatly improved.
  2. Design to ensure fusion quality
    Design of connection structure to prevent “virtual melting” / “leakage” double melting socket. Hot melt bearing plug connection is easy to form welding gap or insufficient melting surface, which is usually called “leakage melting” or “virtual melting”. The fusion quality can not be guaranteed, resulting in hidden danger of pipeline connection quality accident. The engineers and technicians are
    In the structure of special curved elastic double fusion pipe fittings, the designed reverse stacking fusion section can make the interference fluid material produced by axial bearing insertion welding form a reverse stacking fusion section at the socket, and can make the reverse stacking fusion section produced by axial socket fusion.
    The fluid surplus material forms the reverse stacking fusion at the socket port, fills the axial socket weld gap and leakage point interest number, and runs out of the net, which not only ensures the safety of melt strength and forming structure, but also can be thoroughly applied in the aspect of installation quality assurance.
    The bottom eliminates the “leakage” / “virtual melting”, and provides the double melting connection of axial bearing connection and reverse stacking fusion connection to ensure the increase.
  3. The structure design to prevent the pipe from shrinking and clogging caused by fusion accumulation ensures the water flow capacity.
  4. The quality of pipeline connection can avoid the hidden danger of safety in long-term application, and it is the core component to ensure the long-term maintenance-free application of pipeline.
    Curved elastic vector aluminum alloy lined composite pipe is a kind of lightweight rigid pipe because it is outer aluminum alloy and lined with PPR plastic. The application of aluminum alloy and lined food grade PPR plastic can reduce the pressure caused by the weight of the pipe itself, so it can ensure the rigid support of the metal pipe and the earthquake resistance of the elastic pipe fittings. That is to say, compared with the traditional metal pipeline, it is lighter, and at the same time, because of abandoning the traditional metal pipe clasp connection mode, the pipeline can ensure the stability under the condition of fretting.

Different from metal applications:

Because the metal pipeline itself is too heavy, so the construction cost is high, and the traditional clasp connection is also rigid connection, so if encountered minor earthquake and other problems, it is very easy to appear safety risks, resulting in pipeline rupture.
Finally, because the traditional metal pipeline is the metal itself in contact with water, there are a large number of ions in the water, so it is easy to corrode the metal pipeline for a long time. It will not only cause the quality and life of pipeline pressure capacity to decline, but also cause hidden dangers to the sanitation level of drinking water.

Different from the traditional pure plastic pipe application:

The traditional composite pipe is mainly steel lined plastic pipe, although this kind of pipe is lined with food grade plastic, it can effectively increase the service life and hygiene grade of metal pipe. However, because the weight of the steel lined plastic pipeline itself is still relatively heavy, so the connection mode is still the traditional clasp connection, so there are still some hidden dangers in the construction cost and safety.
In addition, there is a kind of aluminum-plastic composite pipe (steady-state pipe). This kind of pipe is three-layer structure outer layer plastic, the middle is aluminum tube, the inner layer is plastic. This kind of pipe has a great improvement compared with pure metal or pure plastic pipe, at the same time, the bearing capacity is much higher than that of ordinary pure plastic pipe, but the diameter of aluminum-plastic composite pipe is very small, which can not be used as the main pipe of building, branch pipe and so on, because the bearing capacity of aluminum-plastic composite pipe itself is not high, at the same time, the bearing capacity is only relatively high relative to pure plastic pipe, but far from reaching the pressure of metal pipe.