What is a convex pipe connection?

Convex odd pipe connection technology, can solve the traditional metal pipe such as: the current common galvanized pipe, stainless steel pipe, galvanized pipe lined with plastic, the metal pipe in the connection is often used to damage the pipe end of the practice that wring teeth or open groove, Because the rib has a certain height and depth requirements, in order to ensure the pipe connection strength and sealing performance, the wall thickness of the production pipe needs to be reserved enough allowance for the processing of the pipe end. As a result, the wall thickness of the pipe is much higher than the actual fluid pressure set size, this part of the increase in wall thickness size called “excess wall thickness.” Due to the existence of traditional metal pipe wall thickness, resulting in a large number of metal pipe material waste, production costs will also increase.

The convex ring (commonly known as reinforcing root) at the end of convex odd tube can increase the radial pressure and radial tension at the tube end. Without considering the case of large external compression force, The wall thickness of the pipe can be directly based on the calculation method of “theoretical wall thickness” plus “reserved wall thickness,” including corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, heat resistance to heating and the processing error of pipe manufacturing, etc. Pipe does not exist excess wall thickness, fundamentally reduce the consumption of metal pipe material.

Convex odd pipe and the pipe fitting form “the tight pressing buckle type” the connection method, abbreviates “the convex odd connection method”, firm sealing is good. The installation tool is light and simple, which makes the installation and connection very fast and convenient, greatly improves the construction work efficiency, and has the advantages of beautiful appearance, durability, light weight, etc.

It has been proved by experiments that the axial tension can bear more than 2000KG and can not pull off the pipe and the pipe fitting when the convex odd pipe and pipe fitting are firmly connected.

Convex odd pipe connection technology, suitable for all metal pipe connection. The international standard “convex odd connection method” is a major innovation and a major breakthrough in the metal pipeline industry. The appearance of this technology will open the prologue of the transformation of metal pipe.