What are the classification of socket fittings? What is the difference between the socket pipe and the mouth pipe?

What is a socket fitting?
Socket pipe fittings, mainly divided into high pressure pipe connection fittings are made of round steel or steel ingots molded forging blank, and then machined by lathe forming, And PP resin modified polypropylene low pressure pipe fittings with curved elastic double melting socket connection.
Classification of socket fittings
1, socket pipe series Ann connection form is divided into socket welding connection (SW), welding (BW), thread connection (TRs), bending elastic double fusion socket connection.

  1. Socket pipe fittings are classified according to pressure grade. The pressure grade of pipe fittings is divided into 3000LB (SCH80), 6000L (SCH 160), 9000 (XXS). The pressure level of the pipe fittings with screw connection is divided into 2000LB, 3000LB and 6000L. The nominal pressure of the low pressure pipe fittings is PN2.5MPa.
    3, according to the production of raw materials classification generally have carbon steel socket pipe fittings, stainless steel socket fittings, alloy steel socket pipes, polypropylene PPR socket fittings.
    4, socket pipe fittings classified by use are:
    The pipe fittings used for the mutual connection of pipes are: flange, live joint, pipe hoop, clamp sleeve, throat hoop and so on.
    Pipe fittings to change the direction of the pipe: elbow, bend.
    Changing the diameter of the pipe fittings: reducing diameter (reducing pipe), reducing elbow, branch Taiwan, reinforcing pipe.
    Pipe fittings to increase pipe branch: Tee, Four.
    Pipe fittings for pipeline sealing: gasket, raw material belt, lint.
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    1, socket is a pipe inserted into another pipe, and then fixed with cement or glue. Sink pipe in the connection, generally need to seal the rubber ring at the connection. The grooves below the socketed pipe are easier to handle.
    2, the mouth is two water pipes and connect the middle of the sealing ring with Rose fixed. Mouth pipe in the connection, generally need to be put through the connection. Concrete cushion is needed to deal with the grooves below the pipe.
    In fact, the use of socket pipe fittings in our lives is more, such as heating pipe links in a single pipe link to add a tee, is a socket pipe fitting. And we need to change the direction of heating pipes will add an elbow to change direction, this similar application in the rural chimney will also be used. Socket pipe fittings production of raw materials are different, such as stainless steel, alloy steel, etc. Small series of the above from different aspects of the socket pipe fittings were classified, you can do reference.