Steel pipe types, uses, specifications and dimensions and how to buy

Introduction of steel pipe
Steel pipe is a very important building materials in life, with its unique product features and beautiful and favored. Steel pipe is a kind of economic steel, steel products and varieties of specifications is extremely wide, its performance requirements are various. Steel tubes can be used to transport fluids and powdery solids, exchange heat energy, manufacture machine parts and containers. It can reduce weight, save metal by 20 ~ 40% and realize factory mechanization construction by using steel pipe to make construction frame, strut and machine support. Using steel pipe to make highway bridge not only can save steel, simplify construction, but also can greatly reduce the area coated with protective layer, saving investment and maintenance costs.
Types and Uses of Steel Pipes
By production method
Seamless steel pipe can be divided into seamless pipe and seamless pipe, seamless pipe referred to as straight seam pipe. Seamless steel pipe can be used in a variety of industries, such as liquid pressure pipeline and gas pipeline. Welded pipes can be used for water pipes, gas pipes, heating pipes, electrical pipes and so on.
Types of steel pipe
1, pipe pipe. Such as: water, gas pipes, steam pipes with seamless pipe, oil pipeline, oil and gas trunk pipe. Agricultural irrigation faucets with pipes and sprinkler irrigation pipes.
2, thermal equipment pipe. Such as the general boiler boiling water pipe, superheated steam pipe, locomotive boiler superheated pipe, smoke pipe, small pipe, arch brick pipe and high temperature and high pressure boiler pipe.
3, machinery industry pipe. Such as aeronautical structural tubes (circular tubes, oval tubes, flat oval tubes), Automobile axle shaft tube, axle tube, automobile tractor structure tube, tractor oil cooler tube, agricultural machinery with square and rectangular tube, transformer tube and bearing tube.
Pipes for petroleum geological drilling. Such as: oil drilling pipe, oil drill pipe (kelly and hexagonal drill pipe), drilling, oil tubing, oil casing and various pipe joints, geological drilling pipe (core pipe, casing, active drill pipe, drill, by hoop and pin joints, etc.).
5, chemical industry pipe. Such as: petroleum cracking pipe, chemical equipment heat exchanger and pipeline pipe, stainless acid-resistant pipe, fertilizer with high-pressure pipe and transport chemical medium pipe.
6, other departments with pipe. Such as: container pipe (high-pressure gas cylinder pipe and general container pipe), instrument pipe, watch case pipe, syringe needle and medical equipment pipe.
Steel pipe material
Steel pipe material (that is, steel) can be divided into: carbon pipe and alloy pipe, stainless steel pipe and so on. Carbon pipe can be divided into ordinary carbon steel pipe and quality carbon structural pipe. Alloy pipe can be divided into: low alloy pipe, alloy structure pipe, high alloy pipe and high strength pipe. Bearing tube, heat and acid resistant stainless tube, precision alloy (such as kovar alloy) tube and high temperature alloy tube.
Steel pipe specification size
Divide an inch into eight equal parts: 1 / 8, 1 / 4, 3 / 8 and 1 / 2. 5 / 8. 3 / 4 and 7 / 8.
Equivalent to the usual said 1 to 7 branches, smaller sizes with 1 / 16, 1 / 32, and 1 / 64 to express the unit or inch. If the denominator and the numerator can be reduced (e.g. the numerators are 2, 4, 8, 16, 32) it should be reduced.
Inch is in the upper right corner hit two prime, such as 1 / 2, “such as DN25 (25mm, the same below) water pipe is British 1″ water pipe, but also before the liberation of 8 points water pipe. The DN 15 hose is 1 / 2 inch. ” The water pipe is also a four-minute water pipe before liberation. For example, the DN20 pipe is 3 / 4 inch ” The water pipe is also a six-minute water pipe before liberation. 一、尺寸:DN15、DN20、DN25、DN32、DN40、DN50、DN65、DN80、DN100、DN125、DN150、DN200、DN250.
Steel pipe selection
1, the choice of color is generally uniform, smooth and smooth inner and outer walls, no bubbles, depressions, impurities and other defects affecting surface performance.
2, to see the product logo is not complete, steel pipe should have a factory name or trademark; Production date, product name, specifications, size, implementation standard number, etc., steel pipe to have the name of the product, nominal outside diameter, pipe series S, etc., the handwriting should be clear, and check whether the identification is consistent with the actual.
3, should buy the same brand of pipe and pipe fittings, because different brands of raw materials may not be the same for pipe fittings welding will have adverse factors, long-term use will cause welding leakage.
4, a good steel pipe strength is not broken, so can not be broken by whether to judge the quality of steel pipe. Due to the impact resistance of steel pipe is better than the real steel pipe, so the steel pipe more easily smashed, smashed broken is often steel pipe.
Steel pipe maintenance
1, clean water cleaning
Water cleaning is to use water to wash the inner wall of the steel pipe, but for those attached to the wall of steel pipe calcium magnesium ion scale, biological clay and other impurities are not completely removed, the effect is not obvious.
2, potion cleaning
Potion cleaning is to add chemical reagents in the water, but the chemical composition of the steel pipe is corrosive, but also shortens the life of steel pipe, is a kind of Gang Ze fishing practice, not desirable.
3, physical cleaning
Now on the market, the working principle of this cleaning is basically compressed air as a power, The use of a launcher to launch a special projectile larger than the inner diameter of the pipeline into the pipe, so that it along the pipeline wall high-speed movement and full friction, to achieve the effect of cleaning the inner wall of the pipe. This way cleaning effect is obvious, basically no harm to the pipeline, is the most thorough cleaning method so far.