What is ironwork? And how did it develop?

The history of blacksmithing in China can also be described as an ancient trade, but it has never been able to get rid of the practical scope, in the late 20th century, in some developed cities in the south, out of the consideration of the need to live in housing security, began to install security doors and windows. At first it was just a fence made of some iron square and round tubes welded together, there was really no art to speak of, but its popularity became an opportunity for iron art to become popular in China.

With the development of the economy, began to appear some European classical decorative style of iron fence, with the appearance of the same time there is the use of European decorative style of the external wall of the building Roman column head, they echo, complement each other. Then these iron products are used in furniture, such as beds, coffee tables, tables and chairs, planters, etc., but due to cost considerations, the technology of these iron products is still in a very rudimentary degree, some slightly more complex rolled leaves, flowers and fruits and other ornaments are produced using industrialized machinery. Iron art sculptures are only some simple abstract shapes made of iron, stainless steel or copper plates, cut, cold work, and welded, as they are more suitable for environmental art in towns.

What are the applications and classification of iron art products

Iron art is divided into cast iron, wrought and handmade products, cast iron products are generally used to make the “big pieces” in iron art, such as fence railings, staircase handrails, gates, etc., with no less than four or five hundred kinds of shapes. Wrought and handmade iron products are these large decorative items, such as a variety of small animals, flower patterns, shape more, according to the person’s understanding of beauty design at will.

The emergence of iron art dresses up the residential areas of the people and some villa areas. There is a European-style villa area, the entire villa area of the gate, the fence is composed of iron products. From the outside, is the style of European-style iron railings fence, crawling with greenery, the small area is a large lawn green, plus some European-style sculpture, in the middle of it, people seem to enter a small foreign city often seen on TV. In addition, in many residential communities can often see iron fences, iron gates, window guards and other products.

The rise of iron art also dressed up the general public’s homes, so that the old European culture into the ordinary people. At home with a few pieces of iron furniture, coffee tables, chairs, lamps, etc., iron furniture rough lines combined with delicate craftsmanship, both furniture, but also art, buy a few pieces of style Europeanized iron furniture placed in the home, very tasteful. Iron art color and color description introduction

Iron art as arts and crafts, can be colorful. But in general, the color of iron art is relatively single, bronze color mostly, which is related to the material of iron art, more related to the application of iron art.

The color elements of iron art originate from its materials themselves, iron, copper, aluminum, gold, etc. The resulting natural colors are black, silver and white, red, green and yellow, which should be said to be the basic colors of iron art.

The color of iron art should not only reflect the qualities of iron art, but also be in harmony with the environment. Therefore, the color design of iron art should be both functional and spatial. If the pattern creates the life of iron art, then the color gives the emotion of iron art. The combination of pattern and color constitutes the charm of iron art, the style of iron art.

The ultimate purpose of the use of color is to convey feelings. People’s feelings about color, giving color specific complex. This feeling through the visual, tactile, auditory, emotional to express.

The design of iron single door

Iron door is a kind of antique and elegant handicraft products! The modern iron door is not only a security door, but also a cultural art. The shape of the iron door can be customized according to the situation! It can be a complex flower pattern!

Can be a simple square or round pipe welding, and other arc-type splicing welding! Modern villas, neighborhoods, rural self-built houses are being used!