Troubleshooting of Grooved Pipe Fittings Installation
Common faults and countermeasures

Grooves too wide or too small
Reason: a pressure wheel assembly and pipe size do not match. On the pressure wheel and knurling wheel relative position is not adjusted to the specified value.
Solution: 1. Replace the pressure slot corresponding to the tube wheel. Release sliding fastening bolt, adjust the bolt so that the pressure wheel and knurling wheel on the good slot and seal width value.

Reason: pipe end and pipe center is not perpendicular.
Solution: Fix the end face of the tube.

Excessive groove depth deviation
Reason: The pipe is oval, the pressure speed is uneven.
Solution: the use of circular tubes, uniform pressure speed, each rotation more than a week deep pressure, the thicker the more slowly, gradually.

Pipe port is too large
Reason: a tube offset angle is too large Boluo tube back end too high or too low Left and right deflection serious 4 processing speed
Solution: 1. Adjust the offset angle, the height of the back end and the right and left skewness; 2. Slowly and evenly increase the pressure depth speed

Pipe detaching during machining
Reason: 1. the pipe axis offset is serious; the processing speed is too fast; the active knurling wheel is worn out
Solution: 1. To correct the angle and reduce the processing speed. 3. Brush with steel wire to remove dirt or replace the driving wheel.

Pipe is skidding and not turning
Reason: 1. Speed too fast. Limit is not allowed.
Solution: 1. Slow down and adjust the limit.

End fracture of grooved seal
Reason: 1 on the pressure wheel and knurling wheel do not match. On pressure wheel is not on the knurled wheel slot and pressure slot is too deep.
Solution: 1. Make pressure pulley matching. 2. Adjust the pressure on the wheel is knurling groove control.
Second, the effect of too deep groove on the installation quality

If the groove is too deep, the pipe will appear a relatively large arc, which not only reduces the pressure allowance after the pipe is installed, and is easy to leak, but also easy to get out of the pipe when the pipe has a certain pressure.

If the groove is too deep, the strength of the end of the pipe will be affected, the cracks are easy to appear on the weld, and the zinc layer is easy to be damaged.

If the groove is too deep, the diameter of the bell will increase and the installation quality will be affected.

Grooves too deep easy to cause radial dislocation pipe, prone to leakage.
The influence of shallow grooves on the installation quality

Grooves too shallow will make the pipe card interface gap, medium pressure increases, rubber ring diameter easy to bulge out, affecting the sealing performance. Medium pressure to a certain extent, in the place where the apron drum tear easily cause water leakage accident.

Groove is too shallow, the pipe clamp installed to reduce the tightening margin leakage.

If the groove is too shallow, the clearance between the middle diameter and the outer diameter of the pipe clamp exceeds the permitted range, The outer side of the aprons lip is squeezed into the gap under the action of the medium pressure, which causes the rubber ring to be damaged. In serious cases, the apron will break in the high medium pressure and reduce the sealing performance of the apron.

Originally a flexible joint, because the groove is too shallow, will lose the characteristics of flexible joints, became a rigid joint.

Easy to cause the pipe to fall off.
Three points to ensure the safe use of fire trench pipe fittings

First of all, the time of purchase, the need to buy a variety of products to check whether there are cracks or broken seal;

The connection of various parts should also be checked whether it is tight, the screw nut is matched and the size of the seal ring is appropriate;

A very important point is the fire trench pipe installation, the need to suppress the test, in the process of testing, remember that no one should be close to, such as leakage and pressure instability, need to timely inspection and maintenance.