Branch pipe fittings – the only designated malleable pipe fittings of “CITIC Tower”

The China Zun Building will become the tallest building in Beijing after its completion. The low-carbon and environmental protection design runs through all the details of the “China Zun”. The pipe fittings stood out among many manufacturers participating in the bidding, and was designated as the only pipe fitting supplier by “China Zun”. Jianzhi Group will also provide the best quality pipe fittings and services for the “China Zun” project.
China Zun is a super high-rise building located in the core area of ​​CBD in Chaoyang District, Beijing. When completed, it will be the tallest landmark building in Beijing. The west side of the project faces the third phase of China World Trade Center, the current tallest building in Beijing, with a total height of 528 meters. It will be planned as the headquarters building of CITIC Group in the future. Construction started on September 12, 2011 and completed by the end of 2016, with an estimated total investment of 24 billion yuan. In April 2014, China’s Top Ten Contemporary Architecture Review Committee selected 20 buildings from more than 1,000 landmark buildings in China, synthesizing four indicators of age, scale, artistry and influence. The result is the ten largest contemporary buildings. China Zun is one of the shortlisted buildings in the preliminary evaluation. The concept of “China Zun” originated from the image of “Zun”, the most important treasure of traditional Chinese ritual vessels; the appearance of the building is a diamond-shaped mechanism, derived from bamboo ware, one of the traditional Chinese utensils; the space design at the top of the building is taken from the shape image of “Kongming Lantern”.